A Koffee Kid From Friar's Point of Lusahn



Colour - Brindle (Solid)
PLL Status - CARRIER (by DNA Test)

Date of Birth - 27th March 2006
Place of Birth - Havelte, Holland
Present Residence - Lusahn Kennels , Malmesbury, South Africa

Sire - Krakenexis Koffee Kid (Koffey)
Dam - Lady Penelope From Friar's Point (Penny)

Thea's Family Tree - 5 generations   (PDF 442KB)

Thea was born in Holland at Friars Point Kennels. She was one of four in the litter - one male and three females - born to a very small dam. Thea came to South Africa as a puppy - she was only 3 months old.

She was an excellent mother to her first litter of puppies in September 2007. Thea is gentle and shy. She is very friendly when she gets to know you but finds too many dogs and people overwhelming.

TheaThea Thea

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