Nubia NubiaNubiaNubia


Lusahn Tiny Dot



Born - 13rd September 2007 at Lusahn Kennels, Tierfontein, Malmesbury, Western Cape,
South Africa

Sire - CH Little Chili Peppers Pole Position of Lusahn (Eddy)
Dam - A Koffee Kid From Friar's Point of Lusahn (Thea)

Gender -Female     
Colour - Black & Tan Solid

Lives -in Radiokop, Johannesburg.

Best Physical Features - definitely the two tan dots above her eyes and her cute bum - when she trots off she looks just like a piglet!

Best Character Traits - Nubia has such a loving personality. She does not think twice to jump up next to you and push her head into your chest or neck, for loves and kisses. She does not know the word aggression and is fond off, and friendly to, any animal or human (although the cats freak out when she wants to greet them!).

Favourite Snack - Anything you eat is a favourite snack - but especially bananas.

Favourite Place - This is difficult to say, as she is very busy and does not stay long in one place. She loves to lie between the pillows on her mommy's bed. She used to sleep there since babyhood and even though she moved into her own bed at about 6 months, she still remembers it.

Favourite Activities - Playing with her ball is a huge obsession - she even barks with the ball in her mouth! When you throw it, she fetches it. She is amazing, as she will play by herself by taking her little tyre and pushing the ball with it. When the ball gets stuck and she cannot get it out with her feet, she drops the tyre, picks the ball out with her mouth, drops the ball, then picks up the tyre again and continues the game. She is very lively and very busy - it is tiring just to watch her!

Achievements -Nubia has passed puppy class and is now in advanced class. She has participated in two Bull Terrier Shows and won prizes. She caused quite a sensation as the only Mini on show.

Nubi takes up the challenge of showing off bullies as human-friendly dogs and not gladiators. She shows what a loving and devoted nature they have, and when she 'talks', she shows that all those throat sounds are nothing to be scared off ... and can she talk! Nubia recently appeared in a TV advert for an insurance company.

Nubia Nubia 

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