News - August 2011

Lola's Drama at the Dam

White River, August 2011:  Every weekend the Butchart family walk at Uplands College with our friends and their dogs. Sometimes we have as many as 19 dogs on the walk which can be quite chaotic but we always pause at the Uplands Dam for a bit of water fun for the Labradors. The Minibullies usually play on the lawn, Lola with her ball and TsaTsa trying to ambush the Labradors when they get out of the water.

On this occasion Lola lost control of her ball and it rolled down the grassy slope towards the water. She rushed after it and tried to turn around and head it off before it landed in the dam. Unfortunately her momentum carried her over the edge and her hindquarters dropped over into the water. She immediately panicked and turned around frantically splashing away from the bank.

As Lola is an incredibly dense little dog, she started to sink lower and lower in the water and her panic grew. Luckily a mother's instinct is close to the surface and without thinking to remove my boots or even untie my jersey from my waist, I plunged into the icy water to rescue my baby. This to the great amusement of the observers who clicked away with the camera to capture our humiliation.



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