Lusahn Tiny Splendour



Born - 5th May 2008 at Lusahn Kennels , Tierfontein, Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa

Sire - CH Little Chili Peppers Pole Position of Lusahn (Eddy)
Dam - CH Double Dutch From Friars Point of Lusahn (Deedee)

Gender - Female     
Colour - Tricolour
PLL Status - CLEAR (by DNA Test)

Lives - In Nelspruit in Mpumalanga, South Africa with Tracey, Duncan & Julia Butchart, Josie, a Labrador and her Miniature Bull Terrier niece, TsaTsa .

Best Physical Features - the blackest little eyes, a heart-shaped nose and ears edged in black and gold.

Best Character Trait - a sweet, friendly nature and always ready to cuddle.

Favourite Snack - bananas! Lola can smell a banana being peeled from anywhere in the house and hurries to share in the feast. Lola protects the bananas in the fruit bowl from regular Vervet Monkey raids.

Favourite Place - in her mother's arms!

Favourite Activities - Lola loves playing with her ball, especially her babble ball which makes animal noises when she nudges it with her nose. She had perfected the art of shooting her ball under the couch and pouncing on it when it ricochets off the skirting board and back out from under the couch. Lola goes to dog school every Saturday. She loves the agility course but most of all she loves running and playing on the field afterwards with her doggie friends - the biggest dogs are her best friends.

Achievements - Although Lola has passed the Basic Obedience Course (three times!) and after completing the Intermediate Training Course, is a regular member of the Advanced Class of the Lowveld Dog Training Club, her greatest achievement is how she is changing the prejudices that so many people have of bull terriers as aggressive and unfriendly dogs. Everybody who meets her, is completely charmed by her!

Lola & TsaTsa  

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