Bull Terrier Coat Colour Articles

An Overview of Coat Colour in Bull Terriers

This 8-page illustrated article provides a simplified overview of coat colour expression
and inheritance in Bull Terriers. Understanding does not require any existing genetics knowledge and it uses simple descriptive language in order to use the Bull Terrier Colour Probabilities Calculator Tool which follows.

(PDF of 359 KB )

Bull Terrier Breeder's Tool: Colour Probabilities Calculator

This 1-page form can be used to calculate the colour probabilities for any chosen litter
of Bull Terriers. It uses input information of the colour of parents and grandparents of the
mates and their observable extent of white, base coat colour and brindling pattern.

(PDF of 31 KB )

Colour Expression in Bull Terriers

This 13-page illustrated article applies the latest genetic research in canine coat colour
to the Bull Terrier breed. It details the genes responsible for coat colour, the different genotypes which exist in the Bull terrier population and their resulting phenotypes.

(PDF of 740 KB)

Colour Inheritance in Bull Terriers - Full Version

This 37-page illustrated article uses the latest genetic research to predict the colour probabilities of offspring produced by the 27 different Bull Terrier genotypes. A chart
for each genotype provides colour probabilities of offspring for any possible mating.

(PDF of 616 KB)

Colour Inheritance in Bull Terriers - Short Version

This is a 14-page condensed version of the above article. Instead of separate colour probabilities charts for each of the 27 genotypes,a more general colour probabilities
chart for each of the 12 Bull Terrier phenotypes is provided.

(PDF of 875 KB)

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