Lusahn Mini Koffee Kid



Born - 17th September 2009 at  Lusahn Kennels, Tierfontein, Malmesbury, Western Cape,
South Africa

Sire - CH Little Chili Peppers Pole Position of Lusahn (Eddy)
Dam - A Koffee Kid From Friar's Point of Lusahn (Thea)

Gender -Male     
Colour - Brindle Solid

Lives - Boris lives in Lusaka, Zambia, on a 10 acre farm with many children and several other dogs.

Best Physical Features - His best feature is his physique.  He is very proportionately muscled for his breed and he is the strongest dog in the area - stronger than dogs many times his size.

Best Character Traits - In spite of his strength, Boris is a gentle dog who loves children. He spends all his time with children and is quite fond of the family two-year-old, who can pull his tail and ride on his back and he never seems to tire of this.
Boris is a loyal companion to Timothy Thomas, his 7-year-old owner, and follows him everywhere on the farm. He waits at the gate and runs full speed (1/4 mile) after the truck when Tim gets home from school each day.

Favourite Snack -
He eats simply everything, preferring to swallow things whole instead of chewing. The only vegetable that he will eat is fresh maize, but only with butter and a little salt. His favourite food is meat of any kind.

Favourite Place - Boris sleeps in the hallway at the top of the stairs so he can keep an eye on everything during the night. He is an excellent guard dog for the family and alerts them to any movement in the yard.

Favourite Activities - Oddly, he really likes to swim, although this didn't come without a lot of training.  We lost a locally-bred Standard Bull Terrier in the swimming pool three years ago so when Boris came we knew that he had to learn to swim and how to exit the pool. He is now comfortable in the water, especially in the hot weather, however he really still doesn't like to bath very much. Bathing requires significant bribery and treats.

Achievements - Our family is simply crazy about the breed, having had a wonderful Standard Bull Terrier we brought with us from our years in Russia before coming to Zambia. Boris is typical of the breed in his courage, his strength and his great love for children. He is an important part of our family and he rules the farm animals with a strong hand, something we appreciate. Our Boris is unique in his complete and utter devotion to Timothy Thomas, which makes him very popular with me!


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