Lusahn Tiny Showgirl


Born - 3rd September 2007 at Lusahn Kennels, Tierfontein, Malmesbury, Western Cape,
South Africa

Sire - CH Little Chili Peppers Pole Position of Lusahn (Eddy)
Dam - CH April Snow of New Galloway of Lusahn (April)

Gender - Female     
Colour - Black Brindle & White
PLL Status - CLEAR (by parentage)

Lives - in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa with Dad Dieter, Mom Lizl and doggie brother Diesel (a Standard White Bull Terrier who is two years older than her).

Best Physical Features - the black and white colour combo; her size - she is just big enough to pick up (handy at times!); her coat is always shiny and she has irresistible brown eyes.

Best Character Traits - always friendly and loves to cuddle (even people she has just met), follows her Mom around everywhere and LOVES people (and food!).

Favourite Snack - rawhide chews - she sits in front of the cupboard where they are kept and makes skimping noises until she gets one. Then she runs around with Diesel trying to get her Mom to chase her until the big chew starts! She can't resist the water bowl and will drink water if Diesel does even if she drank just beforehand.

Favourite Place - on her Mom's lap in front of TV or between Mom and Dad in bed!

Favourite Activities - Bella loves playing - especially with her rope and ball. She carries it around everywhere even barking with it in her mouth. She plays tug-of-war with Diesel and loves going for walks. She will get so excited when she sees her Mom putting on her walking shoes and gets impatient for the walk to start.

Achievements - Bella steals people's hearts - even those who don't like bullies or who didn't grow up with dogs.

Bella Calendar 
Bella and Diesel
Bella and Diesel
Bella and Diesel
Bella Bella

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