CH April Snow of New Galloway of Lusahn




Colour - White (with Black & Tan markings)
PLL Status - CLEAR (by DNA Test)

Date of Birth - 14th January 2005
Place of Birth - France
Present Residence - Lusahn Kennels, Malmesbury, South Africa

Sire -
The Pretender From Friars Point (Panda)
Dam - Cotton Queen From Friars Point (Queeny)

April's Family Tree - 5 generations  (PDF 258KB)

April was born at the New Galloway Kennels of Chantal Krier in France. She was one of five puppies - with two brothers and two sisters. April won many titles in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. She earned a CRUFTS 2007 qualification but instead came to South Africa in that year.

Having already had a litter of eight puppies in Holland in August 2006, April produced the first litter of Miniature Bull Terriers in South Africa in 30 years. April is independent and strong-willed and loves to show off.



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