Little Chili Peppers Ballroom Blitz


Colour -  Red & White
PLL Status - CLEAR (by parentage)

Date of Birth - August 2010
Place of Birth - Hangenmeilingen, Germany
Present Residence - Johannesburg, South Africa

Sire -  Little Chili Peppers Weight Watcher
Dam -  Little Chili Peppers Nanu Nana

Akira's Family Tree - 5 generations   (PDF 838KB)

Akira was born in Germany at the Little Chili Pepper's Kennels of Marion Gartner-Jamin. She was one of six puppies with four brothers and one sister. At the tender age of 10 weeks she flew to South Africa to join the Eckstein family who had been waiting for a puppy from her mother for more than a year.


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