The Miniature Bull Terrier Network has been established to connect, support, inform and protect the breed in South Africa.

We have less than 100 registered minibullies living in South Africa at the moment despite them having been introduced into our country more than 12 years ago, but still these special dogs are generating so much positive interest and excitement. Our Minis have a rich heritage - their family trees can be traced 70+ generations back to 1873.  

If you have a minibully or if you are just interested in the breed, please assist us.
Contributions of news and photos are most welcome -
please send these to tracey@minibullies-sa.net

If you live in South Africa and want to get a Miniature Bull Terrier,
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Terriers in the Show Ring 

Can you spot the Miniature Bull Terrier?

The Miniature Bull Terrier is a completely separate breed of dog to the Bull Terrier, it is not just a smaller variety. The Miniature Bull Terrier Club was founded in the UK in 1938 and the Miniature Bull Terrier distinguished from the Standard Bull Terrier in 1943. The Kennel Club lists the Miniature Bull Terrier as a rare and vulnerable native UK breed.



Lusahn Probono (Mac, the Standard Bull Terrier) & Lusahn Angels Dust (Mia, the Miniature Bull Terrier) with Johan and Stephenette Du Toit

Julia Lily Butchart showing CH Irgen Gold CzaCza (TsaTsa, the Miniature Bull Terrier)






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